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History in da making

Lost Scrolls

1 Pressure             6 Extinction

2 Wreck Da Mic   7 Rain Drops

   3 They'll Be SONN         8 24/7   

4   Lesson To Learn        9 Street Politic     

      5 New Life             10 Drop A Jewel

                        11 Kaotic


Soul by the tons

Black ceezar creates the sonn sound

don't get it twisted

Our World Our Time

1. Our World Our Time  *
2. Explain
3. Through The Cosmoes
4. City To City
5. Back To Me
6. Down 4 Me
7. Living Legends *

all tracks produced by SONN  except 1,7,9,11       #White Mike                *        $ D'Trigga

8. Live As It Gets
9. Next Guess  $
10. Top Shelf
11. RAW  #
12. Pressure And Pain
13. Never Will Lose It

Where I'm From




Soon to be classic

O&O and Black Ceezar got the streets waiting for that realness

trust me nobody fromVirginia has brought an original vibe like SONN

The truth will be told The commonwealth's truth.


Mix CDs


                      1 Get Down                             

2 No Frontin'   

                              3 Make It Hot Produced by Wise

 4 16 

5 7 Days

6 Beautiful One 

7 Fantasy produced by Ceez

8 Pain9 Next

10 Legend

                 11 Survior                             

                      12 They'll Be Sonn produced by Wise

13 Blast

14 Drout

                           15 Life produced by Ceez

                                      16 Just Somethin produced by Wise              

17 Til My Time Run Out produced by Ceez

18 Wanna Be Free Produced By Monte'

19 Silent

20 Outro



Best of O&Ceezar

On their second mix cd as a group SONN once again

take the mix cd format to another level.

Including tracks from the up and coming our world our time our

SONN let you know they are a force to be wreckin wit

The Best Of O & Ceez

Black Ceezar the Leak mix cd

Ceezar first name Black is considered one of the best freestylers around

if you don't believe it. The proof is in da leak cd.

Ceezar take you through the mind of one of the illest to ever pick up a mic

no rehearsal 100% freestyles.

also all interlude beats were produced by black ceezar

The Leak

       1 Intro                    12 Lean Back      

          2 Water Sign   Rhyme      13 Interlude*     

3 Blaze                        14 Take One

                        4 Interlude*                   15 Lovin' me For Me remix*     

5 Conversations            16 Interlude*

           6 Benji Freestyle           17 Ceezars' Theory

7 Interlude                   18 Slow Jamz

8 Don't Give A              19 Interlude*

9 I Got Love                   20 Still Standin'

10 Interlude*                      21 Outro*      

11  I won't Rhyme On Track feat Saul Willams

*  All Track Produced by Ceez

Various Levelz

The ghetto visionary solo project takes you through 15 tracks of

different levelz. tracks produced by wise choice.

The sound is like no other so if you looking for the same

shit. You know. respect the originality. If not you not a mc